2021 Sponsorable Events

October 3 – 6, 2021

2800 Opryland Drive
Nashville, TN 37214

Sponsoring an event at the DFMC annual meeting is a great way to show the DFMC membership your organization's support. It also gives premium name recognition and opportunities for encounter with participants.

The DFMC annual meeting is restricted to members only and, in the exhibit area, paid exhibitors. 

Sponsors, however, are invited to attend the sponsored event. Sponsorships also include listing in the full paper, online, and app program, full listing on the DFMC website for one-year, and public acknowledgement of the sponsorship. DFMC will provide signage at the event identifying sponsor. A sponsor may further brand the event.

For specialized signage or event materials, opportunities to give away information, or set locations in which to encounter participants the sponsors are asked to coordinate with the DFMC meeting planner, Plaza Meetings. DFMC will work to accommodate requests but since all events are coordinated with the conference hotel and vendors, restrictions may apply.

Sponsor an Event

Show Your Support of the DFMC by Sponsoring at One of the Special Friends of DFMC Levels

Contributor, Patron, and Benefactor levels are perfect ways to show your support of the DFMC in a visible and meaningful way. While it is not an event that can be attended, these sponsorships provide listing in the printed, online, and app programs, full listing on the DFMC website for one-year, and public acknowledgement of the sponsorship. 

Contributor Level   $1,000
Patron Level   $1,500
Benefactor Level   $2,500
Internet Sponsor (Includes Splash Landing Page for sponsor info)   $5,000
Notepads and Pens for each General Session   $3,700
Charging Tower in the Exhibit Hall (exclusive opportunity for exhibiting partners)   $4,000 each

The following are sponsor-attended events.


October 3

Sunday Opening: Bishop Spalding followed by reception and dinner in the Pub District - SOLD   $20,000

October 4

General Session 2 Speaker Sponsor: Fadi Chehade, The Future of IT and Catholic Dioceses - SOLD   $5,000
General Session 3 Speaker Sponsor: Brian Cooper, Ministry in Relationship to Finance - SOLD   $5,000
Concurrent Sessions 4 & 5 a Speaker Sponsor: Bill Whalen, An Alternative Approach for your Deposit and Loan Fund - SOLD   $3,500
Concurrent Sessions 4 & 5 b Speaker Sponsor: Peter de Keratry, On-line Giving Platforms and Stewardship   $3,500
Concurrent Sessions 4 & 5 c Speaker Sponsor: Pajmon (PJ) Zarrineghbal, Contract Review Training   $3,500

October 5

General Session 6 Speaker Sponsor: Clemens Sedmak, Catholic Social Teaching and Finance - SOLD   $5,000
General Session 7 Speaker Sponsor: Most Reverend Jose Gomez, USCCB President Update - SOLD   $5,000
Concurrent Sessions 8 & 9 a Speaker Sponsor: Tim Staggs, Control Self Assessments - SOLD   $3,500
Concurrent Sessions 8 & 9 b Speaker Sponsor: Very Rev. John J.H. Hammond, JCL  and Matt Pietsch, Electronic data Mgt. systems   $3,500
Concurrent Sessions 8 & 9 c Speaker Sponsor: Peter Corrado, Endowments for Catholic Schools - SOLD   $3,500

October 6

General Session 12 Speaker Sponsor: Archbishop Philip Aynolo, Living as a Missionary Disciple - SOLD   $5,000
General Session 13 Speaker Sponsor: Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope, Fraud and Fraud Prevention   $5,000
General Session 14 Speaker Sponsor : Mathew Socha, Financial Reporting and Transparency - SOLD   $5,000

Sponsors are invited to attend the sponsored event!

To Sponsor an event at the 50th Anniversary DFMC Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, click the button below.

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