2022 Sponsorable Events

September 25 - 28, 2022

The Marriott Marquis in Downtown Washington, DC
901 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, DC  20001

Sponsoring an event at the DFMC annual meeting is a great way to show the DFMC membership your organization's support. It also gives premium name recognition and opportunities for encounter with participants.

The DFMC annual meeting is restricted to members only and, in the exhibit area, paid exhibitors. 

Sponsors, however, are invited to attend the sponsored event. Sponsorships also include listing in the full paper, online, and app program, full listing on the DFMC website for one-year, and public acknowledgement of the sponsorship. DFMC will provide signage at the event identifying sponsor. A sponsor may further brand the event.

For specialized signage or event materials, opportunities to give away information, or set locations in which to encounter participants the sponsors are asked to coordinate with the DFMC meeting planner, Advantage WSI. DFMC will work to accommodate requests but since all events are coordinated with the conference hotel and vendors, restrictions may apply.

Sponsor an Event

Show Your Support of the DFMC by Sponsoring at One of the Special Friends of DFMC Levels

Contributor, Patron, and Benefactor levels are perfect ways to show your support of the DFMC in a visible and meaningful way. While it is not an event that can be attended, these sponsorships provide listing in the printed, online, and app programs, full listing on the DFMC website for one-year, and public acknowledgement of the sponsorship. 

Contributor Level   $1,000
Patron Level   $1,500
Benefactor Level   $2,000
Notepads and Pens for each General Session   $3,500

The following are sponsor-attended events.


Sunday, September 25

Sunday Night Conference Kick-Off Reception - Matt Maher Concert (three of four available)   $20,000
DFMC Leadership Award (Sunday presentation)   $40,000

Monday, September 26

Monday Breakfast  SOLD   $10,000
General Session 2 Speaker Sponsor: Dr. Mario Enzler | Serving as a Swiss Guard under Pope St. JPII & Catholic Leadership SOLD   $  5,000
Monday AM Beverage Break   $  2,500
General Session 3 Speaker Sponsor: Katy Talento | Federal Policy Impact on Diocesan Medical Benefits   $  5,000
Monday Lunch  SOLD   $10,000
Dessert with Exhibitors   $  2,500
Concurrent Sessions 4 & 5 a Speaker Sponsor: John Cahill | Management: Handling Generational Differences in Staff   $  3,500
Concurrent Sessions 4 & 5 b Speaker Sponsor: Madeline Obler | Legal Review & Policy Update: Administrative, Tax, Regulatory   $  3,500
Concurrent Sessions 4 & 5 c Speaker Sponsor: Tom Carroll; Kathleen Porter-Magee; Keith Parsons | Panel Discussion Re:   $  3,500
                                                                                                             Sustainability of Different Catholic Schools Paradigms    
Monday PM Beverage Break with Exhibitors   $  2,500
Monday Evening Exhibit Hall Reception Sponsor  SOLD   $  7,500

Tuesday, September 27

Tuesday Breakfast   $10,000
Tuesday Coffee Talk & Pastries with Exhibitors    $  2,500
General Session 6 Speaker Sponsor: Dan Cellucci, CEO of Catholic Leadership Institute | State of the Church   $  5,000
Tuesday AM Beverage Break with Exhibitors   $  2,500
General Session 7 Speaker Sponsor: Suzanne Healy, Chair of the National Review Board | USCCB Navigating the Abuse Crisis SOLD   $  5,000
Tuesday Lunch and Time with Exhibitors; Raffle and Closing of Exhibits   $10,000
Concurrent Sessions 8 & 9 a Speaker Sponsor: Danny Miller | Pension Plans/Fiduciary Responsibilities   $  3,500
Concurrent Sessions 8 & 9 b Speaker Sponsor: Don Kaercher | Experience of Diocesan Bankruptcy   $  3,500
Concurrent Sessions 8 & 9 c Speaker Sponsor: Jonathan Terrell | Future of Work: (Telecommuting, Hybrid, Downsizing Offices) SOLD   $  3,500
Tuesday PM Beverage Break   $  2,500

Wednesday, September 28

Wednesday Breakfast   $10,000
Wednesday AM Beverage Break   $  2,500
General Session 12 Speaker Sponsor: Mother Olga Yaqoub | Member Business Luncheon   $10,000
General Session 13 Speaker Sponsor: Msgr. Ronny Jenkins | Canon Law   $  5,000
Wednesday PM Beverage Break   $  2,500
General Session 14 Speaker Sponsor : Ryan Jones and Simon Meech | Cyberliability   $  5,000
Closing Reception   $  7,500

Sponsors are invited to attend the sponsored event!

To Sponsor an event at the 52nd DFMC Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, click the button below.


Sponsor an Event

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