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Kim Viti Fiorentino

Monday, General Session III Presentation

Kim Viti Fiorentino is archdiocesan chancellor and general counsel at the Archdiocese of Washington. As chancellor, she serves as a member of the Administrative Board, which advises the cardinal on issues affecting policy and pastoral practices within the archdiocese. That key administrative position also involves providing counsel to the archbishop on public policy matters, directing special projects and initiatives, and serving as a corporate member on all archdiocesan affiliated corporations. As general counsel, she serves as the archdiocese’s principal legal advisor, responsible for overseeing legal affairs and advising on all matters having legal implications for the archdiocese, its parishes, schools, administrative departments and affiliated ministries. The general counsel’s duties also include providing guidance in every aspect of the archdiocese’s operations, including in areas involving contracts; real estate transactions; employment; education and school operations; child protection; corporate governance; religious liberty; tax status; litigation management and dispute resolution; and compliance with federal, state and local laws and applicable provisions of Church law.

Before beginning her work for the archdiocese, Fiorentino served as a senior partner in the law firm of Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, specializing in litigation related to guardianship, trusts and estates, property disputes and family matters, including cases involving senior citizens, and people with mental illnesses or disabilities. An attorney in private practice for 27 years, she served on her firm’s Board of Directors and for nearly two decades coordinated its pro bono cases on behalf of the poor and vulnerable. She was appointed by the courts in more than 75 cases to serve as the guardian of the property of elderly and disabled adults and children in need of assistance.

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