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Director of Cemetery Operations - Diocese of Manchester

The Diocese Of Manchester seeks a Director of Cemetery Operations. This is a ministry position that is accountable to the Bishop of Manchester, and is supervised by the Finance Officer/Secretary for Temporalities. This ministry is focused on assisting cemeteries with the preparation and burial of the Church’s beloved dead. The ministry of bereavement embraces the reality of the human person as an embodied spirit. This embodiment in sacred, for it locates the human spirit in history and in a sacred place.


The Bishop of Manchester is the visible principal and foundation of unity in the particular diocese entrusted to him. In a unique and visible way, he makes Christ’s mission present and enduring as Shepherd of the Christian Community. In order to fulfill his mission, the Bishop employs suitable, chosen collaborators (clerics, religious, or lay people). He shares with them the apostolic mission and entrusts various responsibilities to them.

Each position employed in the Chancery helps to extend the ministry of the Bishop in particular ways as outlined in the position description. All employees of the diocesan administration assist the Bishop of Manchester in serving the parishes, schools and institutions of the Catholic Church in New Hampshire.


This position is designed to actively work with the cemeteries within the Diocese of Manchester to improve operational efficiencies and to build financial stability. This position will lead cemetery management by developing and implementing a long range strategic plan.


  • Meet with and develop positive working relationships with cemetery leadership throughout New Hampshire.
  • Develop and guide the long range plans of Catholic cemeteries throughout New Hampshire.
  • Develop, standardize, and implement best practice procedures across all cemeteries.
  • Provide training to cemetery managers on how to grow revenues and control costs.
  • Develop a comprehensive sales and marketing plan for each cemetery individually and guide its execution.
  • Review the financial reports, including budgets of all cemeteries.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable state, federal, and Canon laws.
  • Regular analysis of perpetual care funds for adequacy.
  • Other duties as directed by supervisor.


  • Be a fully initiated Catholic in the communion of the Catholic Church and intentionally living out the five precepts of the Catholic Church (CCC 2041-2043).
  • Refrain from promotion of, or the living out of, any conduct or lifestyle that would reflect discredit or disgrace on, or cause scandal in relationship to, the Diocese of Manchester, or considered to be in contradiction with Catholic doctrine or morals.
  • Bachelor’s degree with at least 5 years related business experience. Cemetery management or equivalent experience strongly preferred.
  • Skills: Proficient in the use of personal computers including: word processing, spreadsheet, data base, and Internet programs (requirement details are found in a separate document and are under the direction of the Director of Information Services), organizational skills, and the ability to develop and manage a diocesan office.
  • Able to communicate well both orally and in writing and possess strong interpersonal skills.
  • Able to work well with others both within and outside of the Diocesan Administration in order to achieve objectives.
  • Must possess an understanding of the interment rituals and procedures associates with burial in the Roman Catholic Church.


  • General office – clean, well lit, environmentally comfortable.
  • Various buildings and cemeteries within the Diocese both inside and outside as needed.
  • Lifting and carrying objects up to ten pounds occasionally required.
  • Reaching at or above shoulder level occasionally required; reaching below shoulder level frequently required.
  • Frequent hand manipulation required to operate controls and equipment; occasional hand manipulation in grasping and/or handling materials is required.
  • Other physical activity (twisting, bending, squatting, crawling, kneeling, climbing) occasionally required.
  • Traveling throughout the State of New Hampshire required.
  • Position requires working at desk or traveling in a car approximately sixty-five percent of the workday; balance of time divided between standing and walking.

Resumes will be accepted through June 16, 2017 and may be sent to Christine Hagen, Director of Human Resources at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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