Sponsorship Wednesday Breakfast
Contact Name Molly Burhans
Title Executive Director
Address 760 Chapel Street
New Haven CT 06510
Phone 203.903.4754
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Company Description

We help people use land for good.

GoodLands provides the information, insights, and implementation tools for the Catholic Church to leverage its landholdings to address pressing issues, from environmental destruction to mass human migration.We combine community involvement, design, and mapping technology to reveal high-impact opportunities for land-use strategies that have a regenerative impact on environmental, social, and economic systems while transforming a sense of ownership of land into a sense of stewardship amongst organizations through top-down planning efforts combined with bottom-up community involvement and education.


Ecclesiastical Land planning, community, stewardship, Mapping, environmental planning, Data systems, Green infrastructure, Food, Water, climate change

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